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The Forliti research group at the University of St. Thomas is focused on broad topics within the fluid and thermal sciences. The research is primarily experimental in nature and investigates fundamental and applied topics relevant to energy and propulsion. Specific areas of research interest include:

  • turbulent shear flows

  • two-phase flows

  • shear flow instabilities

  • combustion instability

  • optical diagnostics

  • flow control

  • experimental methods and uncertainty

  • acoustic-flow interactions

  • linear stability theory

  • efficient energy systems

  • biomedical devices and hemodynamics

  • computational fluid dynamics


Thanks for stopping by! Please take a look at the current projects underway in the lab as well as student researchers involved in the projects. Feel free to contact Prof. David Forliti if you have any questions or want to collaborate on a project!

Research has been sponsored/supported by:

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