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Conference papers with UST students

Boaz, K.L., Sherod, C .T., and Forliti, D.J., "The Structure of Impinging Liquid Jets with and without External Transverse Acoustic Forcing," AIAA Scitech 2020 Forum, Orlando, FL, 2020.  

Hilliker, C.A., Wagner, S.R., Krizak, T.C., Mataya, D.P., Manke, L.S., and Forliti, D.J., "Interactions between a Jet and an Oscillating Transverse Flow," AIAA Scitech 2020 Forum, Orlando, FL, 2020.

Tinklenberg, A., Tierney, B.R., and Forliti, D.J., "The Structure of Side Jets in Globally-Unstable Round and Elliptical Jets," AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum, San Diego, CA, 2019.  

Eayrs, Justin, Bryan Tierney, and David J. Forliti. "The Dynamics of Globally Unstable Helium Jets using Round and Elliptical Nozzles.",AIAA Scitech 2018 Forum, Orlando, FL, 2018.


Forliti, David J., Chantz Tessier, Taylor Fortmeyer, and Ryan Karrow. "Characteristic Frequency and Velocity Scales in Liquid/Gas Coaxial Jets.", 53rd AIAA/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2017.

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